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Our Team

Nurse Disrupted is nurse-founded and clinician-led with experts from major healthcare IT vendors and advisors from across the healthcare industry dedicated to solving the nursing crisis and creating sustainable solutions for struggling healthcare organizations. With over 50 years of industry experience, we are ready to work with you as you move toward your hospital of the future.

Bre Loughlin

I've been in nursing over 20 years. Starting at the bedside in kidney and liver transplant and evolving to a nurse exec at one of the biggest healthcare software companies in the world. I started Nurse Disrupted in 2020 because no one was designing with nurse workflows at the center of their software. Virtual Nursing had to emerge, but solutions were over-engineered, and physician focused. So, it was up to me to assemble some of the greatest talent to make something truly transformational.

The people I work with often say, "you can tell this was created by a nurse." That's right...

Bre Loughlin, MS, RN
Founder and CEO

Sean McCormick

Dr. McCormick spent five years as a physician in Clinical Informatics at Epic, a leader in healthcare information technology. There, he worked with healthcare organizations to optimize their use of Epic's software as a tool to reach system-wide goals and to enhance physician performance. This included extensive work with population health initiatives, quality measurement, physician workflow, and usability.
His interests include the role of healthcare information technology in improving measurable patient outcomes, physician leadership and engagement, and the transition from fee-for-service to outcomes-based reimbursement models.
He began his healthcare career as a General Pediatrician at a large pediatrics practice in the Chicago suburbs where he directed the group's Patient-Centered Medical Home initiatives in addition to providing inpatient and outpatient pediatrics care.
Dr. McCormick received his BA in Business Administration from Miami University (Ohio) prior to attending medical school at The Ohio State University. He completed his residency in General Pediatrics at Oregon Health and Science University.
He serves on the Mercy Kids Board of Trustees for the multi-state Mercy Health System.

Sean McCormick, MD
Co-Founder and President

Hannah Rager

Hannah is an accomplished administrative professional whose work has spanned fields from the nonprofit to the technology sectors. Her career really started at Epic, working on a fast-paced sales team where she specialized in people management and creative solutions to support her team.

Since Epic Hanna has continued to grow her leadership skills through time managing at a local YMCA, training in the field of counseling, and doing social media consulting for small businesses. She also spent a few years with a small startup tech company and is passionate about seeing new ideas in technology leveraged for the good of others.

Hannah Rager
Director of Administration

Jenn Wright

With a background in physics, Jenn found her way to the healthcare IT world via Epic where she spent more than a decade solving problems in technical services.

Applying critical thinking and creativity to solve urgent problems in healthcare has been a true calling for Jenn, and she is most inspired and motivated by the patients and providers pursuing health and wellness, both as individuals and in their communities.

Jenn Wright
Director of Technical Services

Melissa Lindemann

With a degree in Business Administration, Melissa spent six years in project management at Epic. While there, she worked on software implementations at major healthcare organizations across the US and in Europe. As an Epic Team Lead, she managed both projects and people and enjoys using her communication and problem-solving skills to create positive experiences for clients.

Melissa also has a background in the non-profit sector and spent eight years as the Program Director for a growing non-profit focused on youth health and wellness. She is passionate about building healthy communities and comes to Nurse Disrupted motived by the mission to improve healthcare for both patients and nurses.

Melissa Lindemann
Director of Project Management

Rachel Giannakouros

Rachel comes to Nurse Disrupted with a Master's degree in Spanish Linguistics and undergraduate degrees in both Finance and Marketing. She spent time working in the nonprofit sector before spending over five years working in higher education, both teaching as well as working in administration.

Rachel has always enjoyed serving others, whether through volunteer work, teaching, or helping students realize their higher education goals. She is excited to bring the communication skills she has honed, along with a high level of organization, to the Nurse Disrupted team in order to help solve the nursing crisis and support new and innovative solutions along the way.

Rachel Giannakouros
Administrative Coordinator

Jon Cyrus

Jon began his career at Epic in project management where he helped organizatons implement Patient Access, Patient Engagement, Home Care, and Hospice applications in additon to leading large, enterprise-wide integrated EHR transforamtion programs.

Pursuing change, Jon completed a Master's in Computer Science where his research focused on machine learning model comprehensibility. In the years since, his focus is developing software to simplify people's lives... He likes making tools and technologies that people use and his greatest professional motivation is simply enjoying being able and capable of helping.

Jon Cyrus
Development Manager

Our Board

Rebecca Love

Chief Clinical Officer at IntelyCare and nationally recognized nurse advocate, Rebecca is an experienced nurse executive and the first nurse featured on Ted.com and the first nurse panel at SXSW. Rebecca is a regular contributor on the Forbes Business Council and has been featured in BBC, Fortune, Becker's, Forbes, Chief Healthcare Executive Magazine as well as ABC news.

Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL
Board Member

Mark Bakken

Founder and Managing Partner of HealthX Ventures, Mark is a serial entrepreneur-turned-investor. He has founded and sold three businesses first-hand, most recently building Nordic Consulting from $0-$130M in under 5 years. (Nordic remains the largest Epic-only consulting firm in the country.) Mark started HealthX Ventures in 2015, building the fund to 36 portfolio companies with over $4.3B in market value.

Mark Bakken
Board Member

Bob Wood

Co-Manager at Wisconsin Investment Partners, Bob is a successful serial entrepreneur who now co-manages Wisconsin Investment Partners, consistently ranked one of the 10 most active angel groups in the nation.

Bob Wood
Board Member

Who We Work With

Hospitals —
Our virtual nursing platform helps hospitals recruit and retain nurses, by providing an innovative way to deliver nursing care that improves ROI and is realized in just 12 weeks. Are you ready to take the next step?


Shelters —
Our work with homeless shelters began in 2020, and continues to be an important part of what we do. Care Stations located at our shelter partners provide needed access to nurses and behavioral health professionals. Want to learn more?


Our Story

Bre Starts Nurse Disrupted

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, founder Bre Loughlin, RN, and team sought to provide video COVID screenings to homeless shelters in Madison, Wisconsin. The program garnered national attention with features by the Today Show, Becker's, and US News and World Report, among others. The impact was significant: in its first 22 months, the program prevented over 1,150 ED visits and saved $2.3M in healthcare costs. We've now conducted more than 42,500 video encounters across over 500 providers.

Now, we're using our experience to tackle another critical issue in healthcare, the nurse staffing crisis. Our Virtual Nursing platform improves ROI, increases nurse satisfaction, and delivers quality care to patients in acute settings. We know what it takes to get results in impossible circumstances. So let's do this!